How do the "samples in progress/interest check" items work?

Interest check items are products that Nyahallo may potentially release in the future. They are marked as "out of stock" and will remain that way until/if they are released into the shop. Many of these items are in the sample making phase (aka, the process of prototyping or turning the design into a real, usable item). These items are presented to gauge customer interest in them. The customer feedback and responses to the interest check items helps me to determine whether a product should be released or not. Interest check items usually have a sketch or drawing that can provide customers with an idea of what the product would look like if it were to be released, along with an estimated price range.

Customers can provide feedback about the item by clicking the "notify me when available" button and Nyahallo will use this feedback to determine whether to move forward with releasing the item.

Q. Is there an ETA when these items are available for pre-order? 

A. Currently, there is no ETA. It can be a few months until an item releases for pre-order, or it can take up to a year+. The sample making process for every single item is unique and it can vary greatly. We will update our website as soon as we have more information. Thank you for your interest in our products.

Q. Is there a way to reserve a pre-order for one of these items?

A. Unfortunately it's not possible to reserve a pre-order until the items have been finalized for release, however you can be immediately notified for the items interest upon release by clicking the "notify me when available" button and inputting your email address. This will allow you to receive an email when the pre-order is available. You can also stay up to date with any updates about the item by subscribing to my email newsletter and following my social media platforms.

Q. Which of the interest check items will get samples and how is it determined by?

A. It is determined by both popularity and the designers' personal preferences. For example, I may make a sample of an item even if it's not too popular if I personally like it and have a good vision for this item, however in most cases I will have a sample made for the most popular designs. 

Q. How else can I show support or interest for an item?

A. Engaging with my posts on social media truly helps! Commenting with your favourite colourway(s), sharing the post with your friends and voting in polls which I release on my various social media platforms all let me know which items are in demand.

Q. Will interest check items be released as pre-orders, or as in-stock items?

A. Every single item at Nyahallo is run as a pre-order first. This is to reduce risk as we are a small business run from home and ensure that we do not overstock items and create crowding. This also reduces waste. Once the pre-order runs are over and the bulk production items have been delivered to Nyahallo facilities and shipped out to the customers who initially pre-ordered the items, the leftover quantities will then be added to the website as in-stock items.