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Frilly Fruits - Cherry Purse

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I'm so happy to share my original Frilly Fruits collection! This bag is inspired by the cherry fruit, and is the design I personally wear most. This classy monochrome cherry bag comes with an elegant and unique leaf handle. It's truly the perfect accessory for any occasion. Subtle enough for daily wear, yet fancy enough to pair with your favourite lolita or kitschy coords. In my opinion, it's the perfect bag for a date, since I was also inspired by the concept of two hearts, together as one 



♡ Dimensions: 24cm(H)X36cm(W)X12cm(D)
♡ Comes with 2 adjustable straps: Up to 129.5cm (not including buckle and lobster length) primarily for shoulder wear but can also be worn crossbody style and as a backpack
♡ Material: Faux leather