♡ What are the bags made out of?

We use vegan leather/faux leather. Our bags are all vegan friendly as we don't use animal products.

♡ How do I care for my bag?

Spot clean with mild soap and lukewarm or cold water.
Do not machine-wash. Do not overstuff bag with heavy items.
Do not leave item out in the sun for long periods of time to prevent discoloration.
Refrain from hanging your bags as this will distort the shape of the handles.
Do not have the hardware of one bag touching another bag; it may leave a mark.
When not in use, stuff your bag with soft tissue paper to maintain its shape.

♡ Will you offer custom/personalized options?

Unfortunately, I'm not taking custom orders at the moment but it may be a possibility in the future.

We use vegan leather/faux leather. Our bags are all vegan friendly as we don't use animal products.

♡ Do you accept PayPal as a payment option?

Unfortunately, I'm not accepting PayPal as a payment option at the moment.

♡ What's the product drop schedule?

We are planning to launch new item drops every few or more. To get the most up to date information on drop schedules and timings, please see our socials. Keep in mind that we sometime do surprise drops for limited runs!


♡ Where are you based? Do you offer pickup or delivery?

We are based in the GTA region of Ontario, Canada. We don't currently offer delivery or pickup.

♡ I'm a newsletter subscriber, why aren’t I receiving any emails?

Sometimes our emails will get marked as spam or junk mail by webmail providers. You can manually take us off the spam list, or you can check your junk mail for our emails if you subscribe.

♡ What can I do if my question is not on this page?

Please send us a message using the Contact form or email jen@nyahallo.com. Responses can take up to 3 business days or more during high volume days. We appreciate your patience!



♡ Does shipping include tracking?

All of our packages are sent with tracked shipping ONLY. 

♡ How do I check shipping prices?

You can check shipping prices by inputting your address upon checkout.

♡ Can I combine orders and shipping?

As long as the items haven't shipped, absolutely! Please contact jen@nyahallo.com.


You can find more information about shipping and tracking on our SHIPPING POLICY, found on the footer of our website.