5 Reasons Why Handbags Make Great Gifts

5 Reasons Why Handbags Make Great Gifts

For many people, a handbag is an essential part of any outfit. Here are five reasons why you should give the gift of a handbag!

1) Practical, yet aesthetic - Not only are they a cute addition to any outfit, handbags are very functional. Depending on the size and specific type, you can use them to carry phones, laptops, every day items, or for shopping. The sad truth is people often end up giving less than practical gifts which is never used, but you won't have that issue with a bag - making it a great choice.
2) Completes the look - An outfit is not complete without the perfect handbag. Whether it is a small accessory bag or a large tote, a handbag completes the look.
3) It's virtually impossible to have too many - Handbags are trendy and fashionable items that can be worn with different outfits, for different occasions. For example, our bags are great for casual wear as a statement accessory or an integral part of a cosplay. Some say you can't have too many shoes - but I believe you can't have too many bags!
4) One size fits all - When shopping for friendly savvy family members or friends, asking them about their size is a surefire way to give away the fact that you're surprise gift shopping, and with size charts being so different finding clothes and shoes can be a hassle. With a handbag, you don't have to try it on before you buy it. Sometimes gift cards don't feel as personal, so you can't go wrong with a handbag! 
5) It's personal - A handbag is a very purse-onal gift ;) Gifting a handbag usually indicates you know the giftee well. To give the gift of a handbag, this means you'll have some idea of their personal style and preferences. It could even be yourself, because self care is the best type of care. PLUS, who doesn't love a thoughtful gift that will actually be used and appreciated!

Now that you know all the top reasons why giving the gift of a handbag is a great idea, you're ready to choose the right handbag or purse. Browse our shop to find the best handbag for a loved one. Have more questions about our bags? Feel free to contact jen@nyahallo.com or alternatively, type a question in our chat box in order to explore the kawaii world of alternative fashion with NYAHALLO.

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