Hi there! My name is Jen (she/her) and I'm the owner and designer of Nyahallo (otherwise known as NyahalloShop).

I'm a neurodivergent kidult & self taught designer and illustrator who quit my full-time jobs to chase my dreams. As someone who struggled with mental health, running a business is very beneficial for me because it gives me an outlet to express my creativity along with having a flexible schedule and space to myself, things I desperately need. Sometimes my family assists me with packing and shipping orders during busy periods, but other than that I run Nyahallo by myself, from design, photography, social media, product management, customer service and more! 

What is Nyahallo?

Nyahallo is a Canadian brand new indie small biz inspired by anime, pop culture and various styles of alternative fashion, particularly cutesy styles and lolita. We also LOVE magical girls and the positive meaning behind them. The focus of Nyahallo is to bring unique and cute designs into a world of bland cookie cutter items. We like to offer something different yet familiar to people from all backgrounds and ages and embrace ultra-feminine and pastel aesthetics. Every single item in this shop is lovingly designed and instructed by me, and we place a heavy emphasis on quality for value. 

Nyahallo officially began business on April 1st, 2021.

To founder Jen, who's born on April 20th, the date is a reflection of her fun and creative attitude towards her business as well as life. We hope Nyahallo brought magic and joy into your life and gave you something worth looking forward to.  

We hope you have a magical day! Many thanks for visiting our website ♡