What is Nyahallo?

Nyahallo is a Canadian indie small biz inspired by anime, pop culture and various styles of alternative fashion, particularly whimsical, coquette styles, and lolita. The focus of Nyahallo is to bring unique and cute designs into a world of bland cookie cutter items. We like to offer something different yet familiar to people from all backgrounds and ages and embrace ultra-feminine and pastel aesthetics. Every single item in this shop is lovingly designed and instructed by me (Jen) and Ana, and we place a heavy emphasis on quality for value. When you purchase from Nyahallo, you support two small designers and original creations.

Who is Jen? Hey! I'm a gal who loves to design and create things. I like to describe myself as someone with a fun and creative attitude towards her business as well as life. I've loved artsy things my entire life, so in the midst of the pandemic I decided to quit my full time job to start my own business and am still going strong! After all, I'm a bit of a workaholic who has an endless chaos of ideas in my mind, so what could be better than turning them into reality and making a living doing what I love? Asides from work, I love horror games, farming sims, and travelling. I'm a huge foodie who will try just about anything. I don't think I'm that interesting so I don't post much about myself. I let my creations speak for me, as so many of you love them! 

Who is Ana? As of June 2022, Ana is now designing for Nyahallo! She goes by @blanchiame on most social media, including X, IG, and Pinterest. 

Here's a little introduction from Ana:

Hi there~ I'm a freelance illustrator, who focuses on anime and kidlit art styles. I draw both digitally and traditionally. I love writing stories, design characters and clothes~
Inspired by nature, music, folktales, dreams and everything whimsical and magical in general ♥


We are so excited to bring you the cutest original designs! Thanks for supporting two artists ♡